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YOU are a brand owner and want valuable consumer feedback

User feedback about products and services can go a long way in making or breaking a brand. IndiaSpeaks helps you:

  • Identify the specific target audience of your products and services from our vast pool of panelists
  • Get feedback from your target audience about your products and services
  • Generate good quality data for analysis– INDIASPEAKS' engine is very robust and strong. Our processes are embedded with quality checks at each level. We attach a screener questionnaire before the actual questionnaire, to ensure that only the target audience specified by you takes up the final survey.
  • Representation across 6,45,000+ respondents including professionals, household consumers, ITDMs, B2B
  • Around ~ 40,000 panelists from each metro city
  • Covering consumers across all age groups (15-75) and SEC classes (A,B & C)
  • 2,000-2,500 new panelists are added every week
  • Regular omnibus studies to cover the last minute information needs
  • Conducted various pre and post advertising studies such as pre-post IPL and diwali studies , currently doing Online Brand Tracks across Telecom, CPG, Ecommerce and Travel
  • Conducted surveys across various Levels - Consumers, B2B & C-level executives

We have a list of prestigious clients who regularly conduct research studies in India via our IndiaSpeaks panel. Some leading global panels also conduct research in India through us.

Corporate Clients:-
  • Leading Market Research, Political Polling and Strategic Consulting Firm
  • India's leading English-language Daily Newspaper
  • Leading Multinational Electronics Corporation
  • Global Electronics and Telecommunications Corporation
  • Leading Global Soft Drink Beverage Manufacturer
Global Research Panel Clients:-
  • 3 Leading Global Online Sampling and Data Collection Companies
  • IndiaSpeaks is India's premier survey panel, created and managed by AbsolutData Research & Analytics
  • IndiaSpeaks is a pioneer and facilitator in bringing online research to India – the start of a revolution in Indian research data collection.
  • We launch online surveys on behalf of brand owners / service providers about their products, services, customers & employees and IndiaSpeaks panelists respond to the surveys, providing valuable feedback.
  • A robust database of active survey participants (members, or panelists) – from India, representing a wide spectrum of age, income, education and professions.
  • The IndiaSpeaks community of panelists includes business decision makers, IT professionals, entrepreneurs, doctors, homemakers, students, retired people and teenagers representing a good demographic mix.


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