The Concept


IndiaSpeaks is an online survey panel where consumers join hands to shape and develop products and services by voicing their opinions through surveys launched by brand-owners. The IndiaSpeaks panelists represent a wide spectrum of age, income, demographic profile and professional attributes. We have the ability to reach respondents across all major metros, Tier-I, II, III cities through multiple methodologies, including Online, Phone2Web, Face2Face and mixed access. Considering India being a multi-lingual country, we have the capabilities to carry out surveys in all regional languages across India. IndiaSpeaks offers the widest, most diverse access to consumer, B2B and healthcare audiences around the globe.

Why IndiaSpeaks?

Because YOU, the consumer, are paramount today! It is with this belief that we bring to you IndiaSpeaks, a platform to bring brand owners face to face with actual users, a platform to raise your voice and get acknowledged amongst the insightful consumers who are shaping future product and services. IndiaSpeaks empowers you to choose or change products or services in the Indian consumer market through your valuable feedback. Our community of panelists includes professionals, homemakers, business decision makers, students, retired people, entrepreneurs, doctors, IT decision makers, and teenagers representing a good mix of regional and cultural diversity.

The market today is very dynamic and competitive. Brand owners are increasingly relying on customer feedback to gain competitive edge in their products and services. IndiaSpeaks acts as a connection between customers and brand owners. IndiaSpeaks regularly launches ample number of online surveys on behalf of brand owners about their products and services and the customers registered with IndiaSpeaks respond to the surveys, providing valuable feedback to the brand owner. We realize that internet gives you the opportunity to respond to surveys at your own convenience and does not intrude on your time like telephonic surveys or physical surveys do.

How we do it?

The panelists registered with IndiaSpeaks earn reward points for participating in the surveys. They are periodically informed about the surveys through email. On receiving an invite to participate in a survey, a panelist has to answer a short screener questionnaire which enables IndiaSpeaks to identify if the panelist matches the target audience criteria required for the survey. And once your responses to the survey have been captured by our server, you will earn reward points that you can redeem. We hope that this will be the beginning of a lasting and a fruitful relationship.


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